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Camp Re-enacted

To really imagine the life of a soldier, it helps to spend a night encamped in their world. Pamplin Historical Park in Petersburg offers this rare chance to live the routine without fear of an approaching enemy. Perfect for those who want the experience without the long hours devoted to exacting re-enactments, this overnight camp puts you through the paces under the stars.

Civil War Adventure Camp.

Travel back in time to the 1860s and enter the world of a Civil War soldier. As a newly enlisted private, you will don your uniform, shoulder your musket, and march off to a new adventure.

The Civil War Adventure Camp, America’s premiere participatory experience immerses participants in the life of a Civil War soldier. Fun and educational, adults and children alike will select their choice of a Union or Confederate uniform, drill in the way soldiers fought, eat the food soldiers ate, understand the hardships soldiers endured and participate in a number of specially designed programs that transform history into reality.

When you arrive at camp, your commanding officer will instruct you, as you muster into the army of your choice and dress out for your stay. Prepare to do without most modern devices – they’ll just get in your way. The reconstructed encampment features a cookhouse, field hospital and fly tents. You’ll hear Taps as evening settles in, and be thankful there are no cannons firing on you.

Pamplin Historical Park

Home of the National Museum of the Civil War Soldier, with exhibits, artifacts and interpretive displays on daily life both on the battlefield and homefront.


As the lifeline to Richmond during the Civil War, Petersburg was the site of a 292-day siege towards the end of the war.