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Where History and Outdoors Meet, There's Always Adventure

In this region where small town life spills out onto idyllic rural landscapes, every day finds a strong connection to both nature and the past. Virginia’s Retreat combines authentic history with vast outdoor opportunities to create a powerful sense of exploration. Here, where as much of our nation’s history played out in the fields and forests as in parlors and courthouses, there’s really no separating the two pursuits.

Virginia’s Retreat offers travelers inspiration for getting off the beaten path and finding their own explorer’s spirit through these History and Outdoor Adventures.


Pamplin Historical Park in Dinwiddie County, VA

A Day In The Life

They were more than statistics and more than history’s footnotes. The soldiers of the Civil War were men and boys called to duty, leaving lives of comfort to face hardships […]

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Civil War artifacts in Virginia

Antebellum Getaway

With so much Civil War history throughout Virginia’s Retreat, it’s only fitting to try on a plantation home for size. The Inn at Berry Hill is just the answer, offering […]

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Historic Hamilton High School in Cumberland County, VA

Civil Rights in Education Heritage Trail®

Among the many ways Virginia has led the nation, its education heritage is worthy of deeper understanding. The free public education system our country now enjoys has its roots here […]

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Battle of Five Forks Monument in Dinwiddie County, VA

Camp Re-enacted

To really imagine the life of a soldier, it helps to spend a night encamped in their world. Pamplin Historical Park in Petersburg offers this rare chance to live the […]

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Farm Life Reverie

Outdoor Adventure in Charlotte County Ever wonder what it’s really like to live in an episode of Lassie? To wake up with sun streaming in, birds chirping outside, breakfast waiting […]

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Kayaking in Prince Edward County, VA

Paddle, Hike and Celebrate

No matter your home turf, the Heart of Virginia Festival will have you feeling like you’ve always belonged right here. Once a year, Farmville launches a big-time celebration of all […]

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