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Stand Where History Was Made

This South Central Virginia region played a role in the early American history Virginia is know for, and particularly excels in the many Civil War events that happened here. The final days of the Civil War brought real-life chase scenes, tense moments and heroic acts of courage and resolution to the Virginia’s Retreat region, forever making the area a favorite for those seeking to understand these events. Lee’s Retreat and Wilson-Kautz Driving Trails are the original history adventures here, bringing you deep into the heart of the conflict and its inevitable end.

Stories of all kinds resonate throughout these hills. Tales of personal courage in the face of strong opposition come to light through the Civil Rights in Education Heritage Trail, including ground-breaking efforts that happened right here in rural Virginia. History here is more than a textbook version of the past – it’s a meaningful look at where we’ve come from.

Pamplin Historical Park in Dinwiddie County, VA

A Day In The Life

They were more than statistics and more than history’s footnotes. The soldiers of the Civil War were men and boys called to duty, leaving lives of comfort to face hardships […]

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Civil War artifacts in Virginia

Antebellum Getaway

With so much Civil War history throughout Virginia’s Retreat, it’s only fitting to try on a plantation home for size. The Inn at Berry Hill is just the answer, offering […]

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Historic Hamilton High School in Cumberland County, VA

Civil Rights in Education Heritage Trail®

Among the many ways Virginia has led the nation, its education heritage is worthy of deeper understanding. The free public education system our country now enjoys has its roots here […]

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Cannon at the Hillsman House, Appomattox County, VA

Hiking Through History

You’ve read the books and seen the movies.  Now it’s time to journey the trails that both armies trudged during the final days of America’s Civil war. The events that […]

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Historic High Bridge near Farmville, VA

Lee’s Retreat Civil War Driving Tour

Few places in Virginia were untouched by the events of the Civil War – but fewer still offer as compelling a view of the experience as Virginia’s Retreat. The region’s […]

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Patrick Henry's Red Hill in Charlotte County, VA

Recharge and Revolution

Sometimes a change of pace is enough to revitalize the weary. But relaxation peppered with stories of patriots and bravery promises a rare blend of inspiration, especially when it’s all […]

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Along the Historic Walking Tour of Appomattox, VA

Then and Now in Appomattox

There are few places known for their role in achieving peace, and among those, the village of Appomattox Court House is a rare project in preservation. The site of Lee’s […]

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Civil War era-style fence in Virginia

Wilson-Kautz Raid Civil War Driving Tour

As General Robert E. Lee’s Army stalled General Grant’s Overland Campaign in Petersburg in 1864, Grant dispatched the Union cavalry to employ cunning tactics to block enemy supply lines. This […]

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Historic Attractions

Small towns throughout Virginia's Retreat bear witness to centuries of American life, each with its own array of historic courthouses, homes and buildings. In addition, many authentic sites throughout the region have been preserved or restored to give you a true sense of the conditions and atmosphere of long ago Virginia. Among the most popular attractions are Appomattox Court House and National Historic Park including the house where Generals Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant negotiated the terms of surrender to end the Civil War. Pamplin Historical Park and The National Museum of the Civil War Soldier provide both an experiential outdoor encampment and a wealth of artifacts and insight into daily life, both on the battlefield and the homefront. Red Hill and the Patrick Henry National Memorial give a view of the tranquility of post-Revolutionary War life for this famous patriot, complete with restored gardens.

The Robert Russa Moton Museum is housed on the site of a 1951 student body walkout that set in motion the nation's move forward for Civil Rights in education. The museum commemorates this event along with scores of other courageous efforts and is part of the groundbreaking Civil Rights in Education Heritage Trail.

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