Camptown Campground

22802 Camptown Drive
North Dinwiddie, Virginia 23803


This is the campground you can remember from the days of yesteryear, a time when things were much simpler, a time when your only worries were if you are going to be making s'mores over the campfire tonight.  Well this is where you are going to come back to everything you long for!  Nostalgia so thick you'll have to brush it away from your face with your hands. Bonfires, marshmallows, horseshoes, hamburgers, hiking,  napping 'til eleven, having a hamburger that doesn't come in a wrapper! 

When you request reservations with us you will receive a call back from a real person, that’s right, not a machine.  The only machines we have around here are for cutting the grass!  You'll find that we make camping very easy for you and your family. We are a all around family campground that is also pet friendly.  WE DO NOT CHARGE PET DEPOSITS.  We welcome the challenge to make this the greatest vacation you could possibly imagine!    




Camptown Campground

(804) 469-4569

  • Bring your pets!
  • Bring your pets!
  • Wheelchair Accessible