Fillmer Hevener Gallery/Studio

Route 2, Box 1425
Farmville, Virginia 23901


Include Fillmer Hevener Gallery/Studio on your Virginia itinerary. You will see from 25-30 original paintings and drawings of presidents, entertainment figures, generals, and animals (cats, dogs, horses). Specifically, you will see portraits of President Eisenhower, President Kennedy, President Woodrow Wilson, Winston Churchill, Will Rogers, Thomas Jefferson, President George Bush, General Douglas MacArthur, Booker T. Washington, and many others. All prints and some originals are for sale. If Dr. Hevener happens to be painting in his studio when you visit his gallery, you will see him using oils, pastels, and graphite. A graduate of the University of Virginia, he paints portraits from life and photos. Dr. Hevener is a charter member of the Washington Society of Portrait Artists, and his biography appears in "Who's Who In the World" and

(804) 392-6255