Clarksville Regional Museum

8th Street
Clarksville, Virginia 23927


The Clarksville Regional Museum serves as a depository for the collection and preservation of items which are historically significant to the past, present, and the future heritage of the Clarksville region. The museum includes a Tobacco room, a Buffalo Lithia Springs room, a typical sewing room, and a newly designed military room. The museum has on display a collection of arrow heads and antique agricultural implements. A miniture town of Clarksville in the 1950's donated to the museum by a local Train Club is a new exhibit.

The museum is open April-November with operational hours Friday-Saturday 1-4PM, Sunday 2-4 PM and by appointment for special groups. Admission Free. The museum is located on 8th Street, off of Virginia Avenue in the historic Clarksville, Virginia; the only lakeside town on beautiful Buggs Island Lake/John H. Kerr Reservoir.



Clarksville Regional Museum

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