Clarksville Bridge Lights & Nighttime Fishing Venue

Downtown Clarksville
Clarksville, Virginia 23927


Turn on the lights and fish! Clarksville, Virginia's only lakeside town, is now the hot spot for freshwater nighttime fishing since flipping the switch on 76 fishing lights in March 2006. The lights on the Highway 58 Business Bridge over Buggs Island Lake/John Kerr Reservoir are comprised of two rows of fluorescent green Hydro Glow lights installed on each of the 19 bridge pylons, one row above the lake water, and one below. The glow of the underwater lights attracts millions of feeder fish, which then attract larger game fish. Fifty thousand acre Buggs Island Lake was voted the best lake in North America for giant crappies, and lots of them, by "In Fisherman" magazine. Largemouth, white and striped bass, as well as catfish have brought many anglers and fishing tournaments to the lake. Clarksville is a one-of-a-kind destination.


Clarksville Bridge Lights & Nighttime Fishing Venue

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