Bevell's Hardware

109 North High Street
Blackstone, Virginia 23824


Bevell's is a full service hardware store with 9 departments where you will find paint, plumbing, electrical items and building materials. They special order items from the foundation to the roof! A knowledgeable sales staff is always near to help you find what you need and they have a liberal return policy in case you pick up the wrong item! Bevell's was listed as the best hunting and fishing store in Virginia by Cooperative Living Magazine in 2009. The store features an extensive hunting and fishing department with an inventory of over 6,000 outdoor sports items! At Bevell's you can find rifles, bows, fishing rods, and just about anything you need for hunting and fishing. Thanks to business owner Bobby Daniels, his family and staff, Bevell's is also known for the 50x18 foot model train display featured annually starting the last Friday in November through the second week of January.


Bevell's Hardware

(434) 292-7208